Top Features:

- Powerful Push notifications to alert both Patient and Doctors/Admin with all notifications, for example appointment booked, canceled, changed and approaching time.
- Approaching clinic notifications for doctor, allowing the doctors to ensure that his/her patient will come to prepare the clinic beforehand.
- Image processing of ID/Insurance cards for opening file in the hospitals and clinics in one minute.
- Real time queue turn and notifications for the patient to know when they need to head to the hospital/clinics, which allows patient to stay at home without the need to wait longer time at waiting room in the hospital/clinics.
- Estimation time of queue turn based on each appointment duration time that has been calculated by our smart algorithm, So patient can be on time for their appointment without effecting others appointments.
- Alert before the appointment, to get prepared and not missing any appointment.
- Patient able book, Edit, cancel appointments through the App quickly and easy and get confirmation from doctor as well without the need to call the reception to answer the call or find any available slots.
- Smart algorithm to rescheduling of booking automatically when any patient cancelled changed his appointment time slot without the need for the reception.

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